So I went to my first art auction



I was pleasantly surprised to find that MMArt House in Blairgowrie was just a stone’s throw from my house. As with all these sorts of somewhat informal engagements, the wintry sun gave way to a nippy evening before the proceedings got underway, even though the auction was scheduled for 4 pm. But the red wine and finger food including salmon wraps, mini-hamburgers and shrimp noodles kept us warm and whole inside the cleared-out private home nestled in the picturesque suburb.

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America is not a democracy


The United States prides itself as the greatest experiment in democracy on the face of the Earth. It does have a few things to brag about: Its constitution is one of the finest examples of enlightenment thinking, rich with ideals of the sovereignty of the individual over institutions, and replete with checks against power. And its attendant values have produced the richest and most productive nation in history, one that sits among those countries with the cheapest interest rates, highest standards of living and wealthiest indigents in the world. Continue reading

South Africa is the greatest country on Earth


In light of the recent racist remark uttered by the president of the United States, I think we deserve to grab a leaf from that country’s book of braggadocio and rah-rah, reverse our humble postures and declare ourselves the greatest country on the face of the planet. To help our indulgence, here are a few, rather random reasons why an African country such as ours is not a s***hole and does not need to make itself great again.  Continue reading

The biggest fraud in history


It’s a fine, sultry Sunday on which I should be relaxing but I’ve done all I can to avoid my chair: stayed up in bed, tidied up my apartment, prepared food and ironed. That’s because my back has been killing me since Friday. That’s on top of the fact that my feet have swelled with increasing frequency over the past year. This is all a result of what Yuval Noah Harari calls in Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind the biggest fraud in history.

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