Krêkvars: ‘The Crow’

Krêkvars Students Arts Festival review play (3 stars)

I was admittedly out of my depth with this play but I confess to enjoying slightly. The Crow is a ‘musical art show’ as described by its lead performer, guitarist and singer Marcia Moon. Her partner in performance is Adel Hughes, whose aloofness impressed me as she had to made awkward switches between a mouthpiece, drum set and a didgeridoo. It would take a remarkably cool and unselfconscious person to make weird noses with even weirder instruments. The affair felt like an small indie production of a budding artist. And she did not disappoint.
The stage had many musical instruments including mallets and chains to effect different sounds and rather looked like a curio shop. Behind it is a white board with the silhouette of a crow in flight—an unnecessary feature that seems an afterthought to reconcile the expectations of the audience with what the poster and the title of play had suggested about it. Certainly I had not expected any musical numbers.
Moon struts her stuff with her guitar, belting out her first set more than competently after a spoken prologue punctuated by the deep dong of the mallet on what seemed a steel block. Poetic lines are intermittent between the melody. ‘There’s a murder of crows… all over me,’ she sings with sufficient talent before breaking into the refrain, ‘I walk alone. I cry alone. I was born alone. I’ll die alone. I feel alone. I’ll face alone. I’m on my own.’
The show was a laid-back, intimate, almost care-free chill session where it seemed most of the audience was either related to Moon or comprised her friends, a kind of family affair.
The Crow is not a play but a capable musical effort by Moon and Hughes and is only for very particular ears at Krêkvars. It can be forgiven for some of its melodramatic and facile lyrics (‘Rise if you want. Descend if you need.’) and more than once I was taken by her soulful croon as she rode the beat of the drums and the smooth, pensive strumming of her guitar. It seemed a fitting ending to my Krêkvars experience and, like the girl pecked by the murder of crows, ‘I’m not searching anymore.’

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