So I went to my first art auction



I was pleasantly surprised to find that MMArt House in Blairgowrie was just a stone’s throw from my house. As with all these sorts of somewhat informal engagements, the wintry sun gave way to a nippy evening before the proceedings got underway, even though the auction was scheduled for 4 pm. But the red wine and finger food including salmon wraps, mini-hamburgers and shrimp noodles kept us warm and whole inside the cleared-out private home nestled in the picturesque suburb.

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The magic flickers in ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’


In the documentary J K Rowling: A Year in the Life, the author of the wildly popular Harry Potter series says something becomes true for her only once she writes it down. Upon reflection, I’ve found that this was also true for me: I always avoided fan-fiction stories based on the second generation of characters because there was no canon that recorded their dimensions from which my imagination could proceed; it felt fraudulent from the first, a misgiving that entirely missed the irony that I write stories based in a universe created by another writer. Continue reading “The magic flickers in ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’”

A Student of the Arts Is Evolved, Not Born

dikgang 2 (from left_ first-year student Wilf Mahne, third-year student FP Engelbrecht, honours student Carla Taute)

If you are a drama student at the University of Pretoria, you must crawl before you can crouch. And you must crouch before you can walk.

The drama department has devised a graduated system of roles for its students. First-year students work behind the scenes as part of a technical crew managing the audio and lights. Second- and third-year students can audition for parts in shows at the Krêkvars Student Arts Festival. And honours students who take a module in directing sit in the proverbial director’s chair. “Everything links.” Continue reading “A Student of the Arts Is Evolved, Not Born”

Krêkvars Puts More Bums on Seats


Students put up show posters at the Masker Theatre at the University of Pretoria. (Supplied)

The Krêkvars Student Arts Festival is growing every year. In its humble beginnings there were a mere dozen shows. There are 52 shows this year each playing three times, putting the total figure at 156 productions on show at the festival. Continue reading “Krêkvars Puts More Bums on Seats”