Entrepreneurs: Youth are jobless and unadventurous

man-937665_960_720Jacque Joubert and Andreas Procopos own a consulting business for incipient hedge funds. They also give trading lessons, make R50 000 a year and are publishing a book on starting a hedge fund, a private investment scheme, and one of interviews with industry role-players. They exchange handshakes with managers and brokers at meetings and are long used to the condescending stares. Much of the time they are not taken seriously because they are both only 21. Continue reading “Entrepreneurs: Youth are jobless and unadventurous”


How to write a compelling business plan

Your business plan is your ticket into an investors’ meeting. It is essentially a three- to five-year account of the odds of your intended start-up succeeding and the direction it would take to generate enough revenue to survive. Though plans may vary depending on the industry of your prospective company, it need contain some essential elements. Continue reading “How to write a compelling business plan”