A love affair with America, threatened but thriving

Me listening to US diplomat Nick von Mertens at the Es’kia Mphahlele Community Library in Pretoria in May 2016

I’ve always wanted to be in the United States—if not live in it, then visit it. But during the rise of Donald Trump and the spate of reported mass shootings and killings of unarmed black men, I’m second-guessing that dream. Continue reading “A love affair with America, threatened but thriving”


Reckless Ambition. That’s Rich.


First he traded Pokémon Tazos. Now it is stock.

Jacques François Joubert says his childhood is like that of any other person. It is true many a preteen has brandished a Lightsaber (or a wooden stick that glowed in the imagination), broken a bone while exploring the outdoors (he broke his arm four times and had brain surgery before he set foot on a university campus). It is not uncommon to spot a varsity rugby player strutting about campus with his bandages and knee brace as he affects a battle-weary doggedness; Joubert has gone to hospital four times for adrenal burnout and torn two muscles since being at the University of Pretoria. Even his high school experience was rich: he was bullied by Oscar Pistorius (“Now ask me if I think he’s guilty,” he laughs). Continue reading “Reckless Ambition. That’s Rich.”

A Dream Displaced: A Photo Essay (Part II)

Chivi Mudzvamuse, 48, a street seller in Proclamation Hill, west of Pretoria, came to South Africa in August 2008, leaving his five children and wife in a Zimbabwe, ravaged by the economic downturn and hyper inflation as a result of its poor economic policies of late 1990s and early 2000s, in order to start a business in South Africa to support his family. Continue reading “A Dream Displaced: A Photo Essay (Part II)”

A Dream Displaced: A Photo Essay

Woodlane Village: A Photo Essay